Friday, June 6, 2008

Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

And I say boredom is the mother of learning.

After the newness of it all has passed- a new place , a new life, a new job, I felt restless,listless and terribly homesick. Winters were the worst times, when the bone-chilling cold prevented one from enjoying the outdoors and I found myself stuck with nothing much to do but watching TV or twiddling my thumbs. I realized that even the company of my beloved just wasn't enough to make me happy.

Feeling thus, I wanted to find something enjoyable to do. I went back to cross-stitch and did a few projects. I also tried to learn crochet , but when it came to crocheting , I was hopelessly all thumbs and so I gave it up. Then I stumbled into the wonderful world of bear making and bear artistry through books ,magazines and the internet. I was awestruck with all the beautiful creations that I have seen. Therein I got my inspiration. Borrowing all the bearmaking books that I could find in the library and devouring all the tutorials and useful informations, gathering up tools and materials , I painstakingly taught myself to make the cutest of stuffed animals , the bear.

It wasn't easy at first. How to do this, how to do that? A few hits and misses. And finally, my first teddy bear made from brown corduroy fabric with an off-center plastic nose. Seven inches and non-jointed and slightly rough . But he was my first creation and my first pride and he'll forever hold a soft spot in my heart.

Soon after, a second bear followed to keep the 'firstborn' company.

and then another..and another.....


Hemanth Potluri said...

nice one..thnks for the info.

karmi said...

oh, how lovely! i always admire people who are good with their hands. my mom is one of them. i used to watch her work. anyway, just dropping by. how do you do? i stumbled upon your blog while i was checking mitsuru's.

Gina said...

Hi !

Hemanth and Karmi

Thank you for the visit.

Have a nice day!